Protein Sources For Vegetarians



This is a must for every vegetarian. Whey protein is a milk protein, helps to meet our daily protein requirement. I usually supplement whey proteins especially after my work outs. One scoop of protein typically has 25 grams of proteins which we found in 500 grams of chicken.



Greek yogurt(Tok doi) with some fruits such as blackberries, strawberries or banana can give you a wonderful taste and adequate supply of proteins, approximately 8 grams per serving.



Peas also a very useful protein source. One cup can actually gives us close to 10 grams of proteins, which is equivalent to 3 pieces of chicken. Plus it is very light and does not bloat you.



I am a huge lover of beans. They are again light and comes in white and black, both are equally good. You can make a vegetable sabzi or just add in your sauted vegetables salad. This one is perfect.



Chickpeas (Chula) is what i would call. Did upset my stomach initially but once my body got used to this food item, i absolutely have had no problems with chickpeas. I usually take it along with some rice to for lunch or with my post workout meal which is very filling.


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