5 Effective moves to remove Back Fat and Fat from Sides

We often forget about our back fat simply because we cannot see it. We don’t notice how our posture and activities are depriving the muscles on physical activity. As a result, they become fat and annoying folds appear.

Fat accumulates in various body areas, and this tendency differs among people, as everyone’s body is unique. Therefore, we all have different “trouble areas” with fat deposits that are more difficult to get rid of than anywhere else. Back fat is one such difficult case.

We collected some simple but effective exercises for you. Performing them regularly at home for 2-3 weeks can tone up your back muscles.


1. Side bends to remove Back fat


  • Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Raise one hand up, and put the palm on the back of your head.
  • Take a dumbbell in your other hand, and lower it down.
  • Make short bends toward your arm with the dumbbell.

2. Forward folds

  • Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Lean forward without bending your knees.
  • Try to get to the floor with your hands.
  • Reach the floor.

3. Push-ups


  • Get into a high plank position.
  • Shift your center of gravity to your arms.
  • Lower your body, bending your arms at the elbows.
  • Return to the initial position.

4. Superman pose to reduce back fat

  • Lie on your stomach, stretching your arms and legs.
  • Raise both legs and arms at the same time, bending your back.
  • Stay in this position for a few seconds.
  • Return to the initial position.

5. Bow Pose reduce back fat

  • Lie on your stomach.
  • Pull your arms forward.
  • Bend your back, lifting your head, arms, and legs up at the same time.
  • Grab your ankles.
  • Inhale deeply. Stay in this position for a few seconds.
  • With an exhalation, relax the muscles, and return to the initial position.

     -Dr. JKC Mazumdar, MD, HealthcareMagic



Muscle Gain Meal Plan for MEN

Meal 1

– Oats with apple
– 6 egg whites 2 whole egg

Meal 2

– Whole Wheat bagel
– Protein drink
– 1sp Flex seed oil

Meal 3

– Chicken breast
– Large garden salad
– Sweet potato

Meal 4

– Whole grain bread
– peanut butter
– Egg whites

Meal 5

– Protein drink
– Banana

Meal 6

– Fish/tuna
– Large garden salad
– Plain fat free yogurt

Meal 7

– Cottage Cheese with blue berries and flex seed meal
– Handful nuts

Some natural fat cutter



This one is attempted and tried! Fish is rich in omega 3. Omega 3 is very good for heart & it’s also known as a skin thinner. Fitness models, bodybuilders and actors include Omega 3 into their daily diet for its weight loss properties, especially the visceral fat which is between the skin and muscle.

Apple cider vinegar


It’s amazing ability to stimulate the digestion system & It’ll make you lose stubborn one-two kilos in less than two weeks. Don’t just drink this vinegar but have it in water before every meal and see the results.

Cinnamon (dalchini)


Adding cinnamon in your diet will help you regulate your blood sugar levels and keep your blood sugar levels in check. Just sprinkle it in your protein shake or your food and you are good to go.



Broccoli a super-food actually. Simply because it is low on calories yet it makes you full in no time. Plus it is loaded with fiber making your digestion smoother. Steam it or stir fry it in olive oil with food and see the results.

Lentils (dals)


If you want any health benefits from lentils just boil them and have it with red pepper. If you are a vegetarian, they can be easily replaced with meat, plus at times you can cook them as per your taste.

Do you want to lose belly fat? if your answer is ‘YES’ then Come here. I’m here for you!

One easy way to losing belly fat is having fat burning drinks. These homemade fat burning drinks for losing belly fat are a natural way to melt the fat fast and help you reach your weight loss goals in a relatively short period of time. If you’re drinking them on a regularly then you’ll have an easier time losing belly fat. If you’re not drinking them then you’re missing out on an easy way to burn belly fat. Here are some homemade detox drinks to help you lose weight. These best homemade detox recipes for losing belly fat are always the simple ones, which combine powerful cleansing ingredients to remove toxins and jump-start your metabolism for natural weight loss.


1. Nigella/Black Seeds Oil Drinks

Nigella seeds or Black Cumin seeds are a wonderful weight loss spice that stimulates natural fat burning in five different ways: Increases metabolism, controls carbohydrate cravings, breaks down stored fat, reduces bloating and water retention. Now you know why this is a wonder spice and also for reducing the fat which surrounds your belly.

Method 1


  • Nigella seeds oil: ½ teaspoon
  • Honey organic: 2 teaspoons
  • Lukewarm water- 1 cup


Mix Honey and Black seeds (Kalonji) oil in lukewarm water and take twice a day.

Method 2


  • Nigella seeds oil: ½ teaspoon
  • Ginger juice: 1 teaspoon
  • Lukewarm water- 1 cup


Stir well Ginger juice and Black Cumin seeds (Kalonji) oil in lukewarm water and take twice a day. This treatment is very useful for removing belly fat.

Method 3


  • Nigella seeds oil: ½ teaspoon
  • Lemon juice: 1 teaspoon
  • Honey organic: 2 teaspoons
  • Lukewarm water- 1 cup


Combine all ingredients stir well and drink on an empty stomach in the morning. Have breakfast only after at least half an hour.

Method 4


  • Nigella seeds oil: ½ teaspoon
  • Cinnamon powder: ½ teaspoon
  • Honey organic: 1 tablespoon
  • Lukewarm water- 1 cup


Mix Cinnamon powder, Honey and Black seeds (Kalonji) oil in lukewarm water and take twice a day. The first dose must be taken 1/2 hour before breakfast and the second before sleeping. Make sure to not have eaten 2 hours before bedtime, so you go to bed on an empty stomach.

2. Psyllium husk, Flax seeds Drinks

Natural psyllium (Ispaghul) acts as a safe and effective weight loss aid. Psyllium may improve blood sugar and lipid levels, which can be related to obesity. Flaxseeds are rich in omega-3 acids which target tummy fat effectively. Flax seeds act as bulking agents in your stomach and give you a feeling of fullness and prevent you from overeating and help you lose weight.

Method 1    


  • Psyllium husk unflavored, uncolored: 1 teaspoon
  • Flaxseed powder organic: 1 teaspoon
  • Raw Honey: 1 tablespoon
  • Lukewarm water- 1 cup


Add all the ingredients- honey, psyllium husk and ground flaxseed- in warm water mix well. Have this daily, preferably at night before going to bed.

Method 2


  • Psyllium husk unflavored, uncolored: 1 teaspoon
  • Raw Honey: 1 teaspoon
  • Lemon juice: 1 tablespoon
  • Lukewarm water- 1 cup


Mix Raw Honey, Lemon juice and Psyllium husk in lukewarm water and drink on an empty stomach daily.

3. Cranberry Drinks

Cranberry juice can enhance and boost the body’s metabolism. This is vital so that the fats will be burned and converted into energy instead of stored in the body and makes you gain excess weight. This detox drink is very effective when trying to lose weight as well as cleaning the body from alcohol and nicotine in just four days. Drink the 100% natural cranberry juice every day in approximately 4 cups for optimum results. The cranberry juice contains high levels of organic acids, and when consumed on a regular basis may help your body actually dissolve fatty deposits.

Method 1


  • 1 cup freshly squeezed Cranberry juice
  • 1 cup any Citrus fruit juice
  • 3 ice cubes


In a blender, combine all ingredients Blend until smooth Transfer to glass and enjoy for a quick cleansing effect

Method 2


  • 1 cup freshly squeezed Cranberry juice
  • 7 cups of Filtered Water
  • 1 cup freshly squeezed Lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar


Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher and Drink the entire pitcher by the end of each day.

Method 3


  • 1 cup pure distilled water
  • ½ tsp of honey
  • 1 tsp of Cranberries juice
  • 1 teabag of roasted Dandelion root tea
  • ½ tsp lemon juice


Combine all ingredients in a big mug and let flavors blend overnight. Drink daily 1 cup for a week.

4. Green Tea Drinks

Several studies suggest green tea may promote weight loss by stimulating the body to burn abdominal fat. Green tea contains catechins, a type of phytochemical that may briefly affect the metabolism. It is known for helping many dieters lose fat quicker than usual when consumed 3 times a day (once before or after each meal). Green tea is a fat burner drink which can help lose extra belly fat with ease!

Method 1


  • Green tea bag, leaves or pearls: 1 tsp
  • Cinnamon: ½ inch stick
  • Lemon with peel : ¼ slice
  • Ginger: ½ inch slice
  • Water: 1 glass
  • Honey, maple syrup, or stevia to taste


Pour the steamed water over tea, cinnamon, ginger and lemon slice in a big mug and steep for 2-3 minutes. Take regular once every day to lose weight/belly fat fast.

Method 2


  • Green tea bag, leaves or pearls (about 1-2 tsp / 2-4 grams of tea per cup of water
  • Hot water: 1 cup
  • Lemon Juice: 1/2 tsp
  • Honey, maple syrup, or stevia to taste


Soak Green tea leaves in hot water and add Lemon juice in it leave it overnight next morning stir in Honey until dissolved and then drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks

The water will keep you hydrated while the apple cider vinegar works to boost your metabolism, when your body’s metabolism will start working properly…allowing you to lose weight and the Lemon juice makes the vinegar taste a little more bearable. Organic apple cider vinegar is a tried natural remedy for losing weight. Almost all the diet specialists recommend apple cider vinegar ACV for remove extra fats from the body.

Method 1


  • 1tsp Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1tsp Lemon juice
  • 1tsp Honey
  • 1 glass of water


Combine all ingredients in a big glass stir well and drink every three hours before every meal 3 times daily.

Method 2

Apple Cider Vinegar is a wonderful supplement for weight loss. Some research suggests that apple cider vinegar increase our metabolism, which helps us burn more calories. ACV when mixed with cold water and honey, this vinegar becomes a fat burner drink. It helps weight loss, improves digestion and flushes out toxins from the body which increases weight. This suppresses hunger and controls the intake of food. You can have this fat burner drink twice daily to burn belly fat!


  • 64 oz/8 glasses of water
  • 8 teaspoons organic ACV
  • 8 teaspoons Honey


Keep it in a pitcher and drink one 8 ounce glass every three hours before every meal 3 times daily.

Method 3

Apple cider vinegar is a natural product. This is because it contains organic acids and enzymes. Research shows that it results in weight loss but it is gradual. But the good news is the effect is permanent. If you were looking for immediate weight loss, this may not be for you. The results are slow but steady.  Apple Cider Vinegar will balance your body’s PH level. And when your PH level is balanced or alkaline, your body’s metabolism will start working properly…allowing you to lose weight.


  • 64 oz/8 glasses of water
  • 8 teaspoons organic ACV


Keep it in a pitcher and drink one 8 ounce glass every three hours before every meal 3 times daily.

Method 4


  • Lukewarm water: 1 glass
  • Lemon Juice: 1 tsp
  • Cinnamon powder: ¼ tsp
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: 1tbs
  • Honey, maple syrup, or stevia to taste


Stir all ingredients in a big glass and drink once every day.

6. Detox Lemonade

Detox Lemonade is a natural way to melt the fat fast in abdomen area and removes toxins and helps you reach your weight loss goals in a relatively short period of time.


  • 2 tbsp freshly-squeezed Lemon
  • 300 ml filtered water
  • ½ inch stick of Cinnamon
  • A pinch of Cayenne pepper
  • Salt to taste


To make your detox lemonade, combine all ingredients in a big mug and let flavors blend 15-20 minutes. Drink daily 1 cup for a week.

7. Pineapple-Ginger -Citrus Detox Drink

One – of those wonderful juices is made up of fruits such as grapefruit, orange and pineapple. Citrus juices and Ginger will take care to burn belly fat and pineapple to cleanse the digestive system. Consume this drink at mid morning for a full body cleanse that’s easy to make and beneficial as a detox homemade recipe for weight loss.


  • Half of a sliced pineapple
  • 1 inch long piece of ginger root
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1 cup grapefruit juice
  • Ice cubes 5-6


Blend well until smooth. Transfer to glass and enjoy!

8. Pineapple Frappe

This blended pineapple drink packs in two belly-flattening ingredients. A tablespoon of flaxseed oil adds monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), proven belly flatteners, and pineapple itself contains bromelain, an enzyme that helps break down protein, ease digestion, and banish bloat.

For 2 servings:


  • 1 cup pineapple, peeled, chopped
  • 1 Tbsp cold-pressed organic flaxseed oil
  • 5-7 mint leaves
  • 3 ice cubes


Place pineapple, mint and ice in a blender. Blend until smooth. Transfer to glass and stir in flaxseed oil.

9. Watermelon Smoothie

Watermelon is a terrific, low-cal smoothie base. This fruit has been shown to improve lipid metabolism resulting in less belly fat and a decreased risk of heart disease. A hydrating fruit rich in lycopene, it will increase your body’s arginine levels, an amino acid that ups the body’s fat-burning potential and lowered the risk of developing belly fat. At the same time the juicy red fruit also builds lean muscle.

For 2 servings:


  • 2 cups chopped watermelon
  • 1/4 cup any Citrus juice
  • 2 cups ice


In a blender, combine the Watermelon and any Citrus juice, and blend until smooth. Add the ice, and blend 20 seconds longer, or to your desired consistency. Add more ice, if needed, and blend for 10 seconds.

10. Dark Chocolate Shake

Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants and a nice dose of oleic acid, which is a monounsaturated fat. It also contains stimulants that can have a positive effect on fat burning, including theobromine and caffeine. Dark chocolate reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which causes belly fat to accumulate. Try it for a quick breakfast to keep your appetite tamed for hours.

For 1 serving: 


  • 1 cup skim or soy milk
  • 2 Tablespoons cup chocolate chips (MUFA)
  • 2 teaspoons maple syrup, stevia or honey (optional)
  • Handful of ice


Add all ingredients in blender Blend until desired thickness. Enjoy!

11. Coffee

This is another fat burner drink which helps in weight loss. Caffeine is an alkaloid which when consumed in limits can help burn belly fat. The caffeine kicks your metabolism into high gear. Caffeine also jump-starts lipolysis, the breakdown of fat. Cocoa, coffee, kola nut and tea are ways to have caffeine. And the caffeine kicks your metabolism into high gear. It is advised to have one cup of coffee a day as excess consumption of coffee can lead to dehydration, lack of sleep and heat in the body to name a few. But it’s probably best to stay away from those ultra sugary, creamy beverages which are often made with sugary syrups or other flavorings that can stall your weight-loss efforts. Options for a sugar, cream and milk substitute. Choose a natural or artificial sugar substitute rather than regular sugar. Choose fat-free (skim) or 1% milk, or unsweetened almond milk. Avoid 2% and full-fat milk. Opt for sugar-free and fat-free creamers and limit your intake to 2 tablespoons per day.

12 High protein-filled foods for your physique…



best high protein foods for weight loss - peanut butter

Protein Payout: 2 tablespoons, 191 calories, 7 grams of protein

This creamy spread is downright addictive. While eating too much peanut butter can wreak havoc on your waistline, a standard two-tablespoon serving provides a solid dose of muscle-building protein and healthy fats. According to a 2014 study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, consuming peanuts can prevent both cardiovascular and coronary artery disease — the most common type of heart condition. Look for the unsalted, no sugar added varieties without hydrogenated oils to reap the most benefits. If you’re tired of plain old PB&J sandwiches, try stirring the spread into hot oatmeal, smearing it on fresh produce, or blending it into your post-workout smoothie.



best high protein foods for weight loss - guava

Protein Payout: 1 cup, 112 calories, 4.2 g protein

The highest-protein fruit, guava packs more than 4 grams per cup, along with 9 grams of fiber and only 112 calories. With 600 percent of your DV of Vitamin C per cup — the equivalent of more than seven medium oranges!



best high protein foods for weight loss - peas

Protein Payout: 1 cup, 118 calories, 8 g protein

It’s enough to make Popeye do a spit take: Despite their wimpy reputation, a cup of green peas contains eight times the protein of a cup of spinach. And with almost 100 percent of your daily value of vitamin C in a single cup, they’ll help keep your immune system up to snuff. Layer them into a mason jar salad or add them to an omelet to boost eggs’ satiating power.



best high protein foods for weight loss - grass fed beef

Protein Payout: 4 oz strip steak, 133 calories, 26 g protein

When it comes to steak or burgers, go grass-fed. It may ding your wallet, but it’ll dent your abs. Grass-fed beef is naturally leaner and has fewer calories than conventional meat: A lean seven-ounce conventional strip steak has 386 calories and 16 grams of fat. But a seven-ounce grass-fed strip steak has only 234 calories and five grams of fat. Grass-fed meat also contains higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, according to a study published in Nutrition Journal, which have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease.



best high protein foods for weight loss - light canned tuna

Protein Payout: 3 oz, 73 calories, 16 g protein

Tuna or to-not? That is the question. As a primo source of protein and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), canned light tuna is one of the best and most affordable fish for weight loss, especially from your belly! One study in the Journal of Lipid Research showed that omega 3 fatty acid supplementation had the profound ability to turn off abdominal fat genes. And while you’ll find two types of fatty acids in cold water fish and fish oils—DHA and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)—researchers say DHA can be 40 to 70 percent more effective than EPA at down-regulating fat genes in the abdomen, preventing belly fat cells from expanding in size. But what about the mercury? Mercury levels in tuna vary by species; generally speaking, the larger and leaner the fish, the higher the mercury level. Bluefin and albacore rank among the most toxic, according to a study in Biology Letters. But canned chunk light tuna, harvested from the smallest fish, is considered a “low mercury fish” and can–and should!–be enjoyed two to three times a week (or up to 12 ounces), according to the FDA’s most recent guidelines.



best high protein foods for weight loss - chicken

Protein Payout: 3 oz. cooked breast, 142 calories, 26 g protein

A 3 oz. cooked chicken breast contains only 142 calories and 3 grams of fat, but packs a whopping 26 grams of protein — more than half of the day’s recommended allowance. But the go-to protein can be a fail on the taste front. (Our casual poll on the taste of plain breast elicited answers ranging from “air you cut with a knife” to “wet sock.”) The good news: With just a little creativity, you can make it a savory post-gym dinner.



best high protein foods for weight loss - eggs

Protein Payout: 1 egg, 85 calories, 7 g protein

Eggs might just be the easiest, cheapest and most versatile way to up your protein intake. Beyond easily upping your daily protein count, each 85-calorie eggs packs a solid 7 grams of the muscle-builder! Eggs also boost your health: They’re loaded with amino acids, antioxidants, and iron. Don’t just reach for the whites, though; the yolks boast a fat-fighting nutrient called choline, so opting for whole eggs can actually help you trim down. When you’re shopping for eggs, pay attention to the labels. You should be buying organic, when possible. These are certified by the USDA and are free from antibiotics, vaccines, and hormones. As for color, that’s your call. The difference in color just varies based on the type of chicken—they both have the same nutritional value, says Molly Morgan, RD, a board certified sports specialist dietitian based in upstate New York.



best high protein foods for weight loss - greek yogurt

Protein Payout: 7 oz, 150 calories, 20 g protein

Yogurt may be one of your key allies in weight-loss efforts. A study printed in the Journal of Nutrition found that probiotics like the ones found in creamy, delicious yogurt helped obese women lose nearly twice the weight compared to those who did not consume probiotics. Both sets of subjects were on low-calorie diets, but after 12 weeks, the probiotic poppers lost an average of 9.7 pounds, while those on placebos lost only 5.7. Bonus: the subjects who were given the good bacteria continued to lose weight even after an additional 12 weeks, an average of 11.5 pounds to be accurate! The group that didn’t get the probiotic boost? They maintained their 5.7-pound initial loss but didn’t trim down further. The good bacteria in probiotics can help ramp up your metabolism and improve your immune system, but it pays to be picky about your sources. Yogurt’s a great way to get a.m. protein and probiotics, but to get the healthiest yogurt you’ll have to read labels; most are packed with added sugars that exceed their protein levels.



best high protein foods for weight loss - milk

Protein Payout: 8 oz, 110 calories, 8 g protein

Organically raised cows are not subject to the same hormones and antibiotics that conventional cows are; no antibiotics for them means no antibiotics for you. Grass fed cows have been shown to have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids (good) and two to five times more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) than their corn and grain fed counterparts. CLA contains a group of chemicals which provides a wide variety of health benefits, including immune and inflammatory system support, improved bone mass, improved blood sugar regulation, reduced body fat, reduced risk of heart attack, and maintenance of lean body mass. While skim milk may be lowest in calories, many vitamins are fat-soluble, which means you won’t get all the benefits of the alphabetical nutrients listed on your cereal box unless you opt for at least 1%.



best high protein foods for weight loss - almonds

Protein Payout: 1 oz, 164 calories, 6 g protein

Think of each almond as a natural weight-loss pill. Combined with a calorie-restricted diet, consuming a little more than a quarter-cup of the nuts can decrease weight more effectively than a snack comprised of complex carbohydrates and safflower oil—after just two weeks! (And in this study of overweight and obese patients, after 24 weeks, those who ate the nuts experienced a 62 percent greater reduction in weight and BMI!) For optimal results, eat your daily serving before you hit the gym. Almonds, rich in the amino acid L-arginine, can actually help you burn more fat and carbs during workouts, a study printed in The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found.



Lentils (18g/cup)

When it comes to vegetarian favorites, lentils are the George Clooney of the group: They’ve been around forever, but that doesn’t make them any less desirable. And for good reason: These flavorful beans are packed with B vitamins, folate, as well as fiber (1 cup accounts for more than half of your daily needs) and—yes, you guessed it—protein. And just like good ole George, lentils have a significant effect on your heart. Research shows that adding beans to your diet could help to lower your blood pressure and improve overall heart health.
Protein amount: 18 grams per cup
Prep tip: Resist the urge to add salt or any other acidic items to your lentils until after the beans are done cooking. That way the lentils stay perfectly crunchy and avoid any potential mushiness.



Chickpeas (14g/cup)

The little chickpea (also known as the garbanzo bean) has one impressive résumé. Not only are they a protein powerhouse, these legumes are also brimming with hunger-fighting fiber. The best part of all? Research has shown that including ¾ cup of these beans on a daily basis can help cut your LDL or bad cholesterol.
Protein amount: 14 grams per cup
Prep tip: Celiacs, rejoice! The benefits of chickpeas don’t end with the bean itself.  Chickpea flour is a wheat alternative that’s gluten-free and brimming with protein.